GirlPoWOWer Concert, Fundraiser, Video Launch

My music is important to me because it’s birthed from a higher impulse that I’m continually living up to: Empowering the spirit, the creative impulse that is sublime, beautiful and at times seeking deeply be returned to wholeness, to the oneness of this majestic experience of life… I give to the feminine this wish that all u boys and girls may be free to give your inner gifts just a chance, just a small blow of air upon the flame of your potentials, that start with a wish, a desire, a “what if”… that you let sit and become and give a chance before you decide what’s possible or not. Believe. #useyourgirlpower

Excerpts from the GirlPoWoWer in Vancouver! Fun fundraiser for and refreshing start to 2015 celebrating and empowering the feminine while honouring our ICE CAPPED WORLD! Boys and girls, get ready to be girl emPOWOWed for now is the time make a change giving together! Love you lots


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~ xoxo Lis

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Ice Capped World Music Video

It’s birthed! The baby awakens and brings together the world to celebrate the honouring
of Mother Earth and one another in Ice Capped World!

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The View with special guest Katie Holmes

The View with Rosie Perez, the Republican and Whoopie. Interview with that sweetheart Katie Holmes. We Love Her!

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We also LOVE Girl Power. Deconstructing taboos and making laughter, love and success.

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Ice Capped World Music Video Launch Party + Concert Invite

Lisa Petrucci Music presents “Ice Capped World ” Music Video Launch Party and Concert at:

The Media Club, Vancouver. Jan. 15th 2015, Doors at 8. 10$ donation to charity.


The Online Sharing and Viewing of the music video “Ice Capped World” hosted by Lisa and Dance Italia via Facebook is
Jan. 16th Vancouver 1pm, N.Y, 4p.m. Florence 10p.m.

You are Invited to come to the concert and to share the link online!

It will be FUN! GIRL POWER for boys and girls! Using it to change the world!

Info about the Launch Party

Jan. 15th Lisa Petrucci is live in concert with opening act Ryan Chamberlain and a first viewing of her dance/music video filmed in Luca, Italy in collaboration with Dance Italia, choreographer Stefanie Nelson, Director Riccardo Jacopino, Artistic Production Marzio Benelli.

Lisa is singing and dancing her songs: lyrics and music written by her on her journey through Vancouver to Italy and into the feminine divine.

The video is a synergistic collaboration between Lisa Petrucci Music and Dance Italia:

30 dancers, actors and musicians across the U.S.and Italy who serendipitously got together to dance and sing Ice Capped World.

The song is written in honour of Mother Earth and the message she has for us to honour and respect the divine feminine and masculine energies. It is a story about a girl who takes an adventure into the unknown on the back of a polar bear to save it. What they learn is to understand and honour each other’s polarities and harmonize and make peace with the divine feminine and masculine opposite energies.

Jan. 16th A collective viewing of “Ice Capped World” will happen all together across the U.S. , Asia and Europe.

Join in by finding your timeclock and sharing and viewing the link all together with us!
Lisa Petrucci
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Marzio Benelli

Ryan Chamberlain 

Stefanie Nelson


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Manifestation Ninja Turtle

Hey Love,


I am manifesting and expanding my creative powers!  Truthfully, I am only focusing on what is already here,

in my imagination, the 5th dimension,

feeling it inside my body,

and my awareness of it

allows me to see it and experience it in this 3rd dimension.

Truer, because the one, the only, the all encompassing space that has created it all is made of EVERYTHING in the universe.

This one energy is inside of us all and it is only through our conception,

our particular arrangement of this one energy, through our feelings and imagination,

that we see what manifests in our reality.




If not, please write a comment below, I will try to expand and clarify what the @#$%Q#@$ I am talking about 🙂

I really want you to get it!


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cause I make tons of videos around the same theme of expanding our creativity and highest good

and I don’t want you to miss a second of staying up to my manifestation speed of light.

You and I can expand into whatever experience our soul desires.

I invite you to join me.


Lots of love and pleasurable manifestation!


Here is my manifestation ninja true turtle story,





Full Moon Gratitude

Hey VITA (life)Lover,


How are you?


I hope AMAZING! I am in the thick of my creative expression.  New video for #icecappedworld

coming up! We’re in the editing process but in the meantime loads of cool times here in Italy!

Here is the latest video to delight you made in Val d’Orcia, Siena!


Live your dreams NOW! If not now, when?



Lots of gratitude and love,



Focus on what you want to become, not what you want to overcome!

Give yourself over to your soul’s yearnings. I love to sing and write songs. Its scares the living lights out of me but especially it TURNS me ON!

I become a lighthouse when I perform. My soul comes through. I lift the veil of illusions and peer into the face of God….

if only for a moment….20140219-141124.jpg

Listen to those twinges of excitement that come through when you experience something u love.

Sometimes quickly the mind

leaves the “how to” to Source.

Trust it.

Latest Videos!

Hey Beautiful New Mooners,


Its a precious time to inseminate new feelings and emotions deep within to direct your energy towards your soul’s journey rather than that of the ego.

Take the next few days to FULLY embody who you truly are: LOVE, LIGHT, JOY, BEAUTY, PROSPERITY, SUCCESS, FREEDOM

and transform any illusory aspects of your shadow: guilt, shame, anger, jealousy

by fully ACCEPTING yourself and moving new desire and energy towards your highest truth.IMG_2215

ACTION STEP: 1. Write in your journal your New Moon awareness of your truth and own it!

2. Make new emotional muscles by working out your new awareness by practising your new way of BEING!


Love you!

Here are the latest vids I’ve made:

First excerpt from my book “Goddess Holy Spirit”

Reading Streaming with Andrea Cacciavillani :#1