possieyes rain, the sun parents from around the world

153possibilities awaken thru eyes seeing a new terrain. 
in the rain, the sun sparkles vancouver.
luv has led us here, grandparents from around the world, coming to and thru their
own internal rain forest to find external fertile soil to build new a new self.

to get here, they travelled thru:

tears from wars, tears from luved ones, food grown by their own hands, limited education my nonna recalls her father in pride reaching the 5th grade. overcoming poverty, hunger, war, my nonno seeing his brother die infront uv him, surgeries performed in kitchens, people whose strength united them to sing while they worked the fields, women singing to the men while they picked cherries… men writing love songs to the ocean il mare, standing infront uv this vista uv blue, paying homage to the home that lives the fish they bring home to their families to eat…to make pasta con vongole!

and in this beauty, there also layed the seeds uv destruction
certain people whose desires to create death and destruction was strong enough to make the realty for many many people… wars
the sun parents, grand parents, decided to evolve and move…
working the land
feet on earth they found courage to see new land inside and outside.
within their bellies 100,000 possibilites within themselves to create life – grandparents from around the world came here, vancouver

to plant their new seeds called thoughts,

those things that occur from our imagination.  we all know that life is built this way…
do we not.  knots. things that must come undone to build some new thing…new and uv ur own…the rail roads were built by chinese immigrants, who by hand and foot, created a path where an entire nation would unite- no small feat for uneducated peasants- we are powerful beyond measures no? they set down what they could see in front uv them and kept going.

my grand parents owned land, and proudly, their own homes. what does it mean to own something? what kind uv voyage do we need to go on to say we are building, creating our owner ship to take us some where we can begin to heal, nourish, luv and own an opportunity to grow some… vessel we are living in, the self. where must we sail thru to be here fully now, realizing our unlimited potential to have a new moment in our evolutionary process… to seek a deeper place uv peace where water cleanses and clears new soil.

i look to my grand parents and see the strength, courage, voracity inside their rain forest bellys where with their tears, they have planted life. but nothing is perfect, and what was, also needs to be looked at, reassesed, changed, rebuilt. we only keep what is good, and within every wonderful structure, we must leave certain things behind, so that there is room for…

this new thing, i am building.  just a continuance of the deep grand parent dreaming,

luv for my children. luv, health and wealth for my children… may we eat what the sun and rain push together to make children.

some times we need to be pushy.  gushy luv pushy. the kind we all want to man handle us. that physical action, that says “come on, lets go! lets go baby! my question for today is:

in reverence to where we come from, how can we begin to look inside our rainforest belly wash and make fertile what things we have deadened ourselves to… how can we begin to lay down just a few feet uv new tracks? what can we do today, that asks uv us to bounce back, something we did not know we had?

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