ded aroma uv la vender

sweet friend, sweet teapot,
boiling water at the base uv ur spine, to taste the honey.

 what is hot becomes steam or smoke, she says.   one chokes and flattens while the other removes impurities to taste a deep orange miele over a cup uv tea; allows distilled aroma uv lavender to penetrate the air; boils lemons to breathe a soft yellow.  moves a train across continents.

i am reading my dear friend’s blog “chara’s tea pot” and empathising about her discomfort, pain, lack uv mobiltity uv her lower back:  a north american problem, i thought, but she comes from europe.  did this start in vancouver i must ask her.

i feel it too at times, a strong burning sensation,  like a strong animal in cage, or money stuck in a piggy bank that needs to be slammed on the floor, broken, to get out.

what does this body spine need-  to be useful to be able to fulfill its function.  is there sumthing we are saving there for a later date only to find out suddenly that currency is no longer current like old lirra.

the lower back’s ability, usefull ness, the sacrum, i believe, is to support the centre, where all flows in and out uv.  life is born in the belly, the face uv the lower back.  

  the lower back holds the sacrum bone, the sacred bone.  it also holds energy the indians have known for thousands  uv years;  they call it the  mother kundalini energy.  only the queens and kings in india understood how to access it because the energy could be potently self empowering and this knowlege better to be kept away from regular folk.  in the seventies, however, kundalini yoga was brought to the west. 

a wonderful teacher and friend hanne, teaching kundalini yoga at unity yoga  on east 10th and commercial at 10 am every friday morning, taught me physical practises that have furthered my belief in the power we have within, and how we are able to summon and  access it, to bring it up and out and into this physical world.

today, thanks to a friend’s plight for lower spinal mobility, i am contemplating the value uv our belly and lower back, our center, our gravitational centre,  the circle, the value uv pi. the infinite irrational, the belly place where millions uv impulses live, are breathed each day, all the possibilities floating in the air because we are breathing it.   life, the exchange, the exchange, and what am i bringing, or rather breathing to it.  or what am i withholding?  saving to be used for a further day?  sticking in a tiny slot in the piggy bank, to find, i no longer can get it out and the potency, the potential has expired, poured into the drain to be taken out with the current…sea.  the stock market crash and i do not know where my savings have gone…

the financial crisis in the world is being felt on many levels.  where and what is supporting us is my question i pose?  the power, the lottery, the bank inside  has a beached whale, a fish out uv water, an unused resource: our ability to breathe, create, bake sumthing real, boil on a fire whatcomes from a higher place, a deeper knowledge. 

i propose to all the lower backs (including my own): it is time to support the everybody, through a new awareness, and investment in the real health and education, the kind that teaches us how to breathe, luv, and trust the natural creativity uv our ever renewing god created bodies.

a time to make a living

 with sum thing living…


mary recieving divine knowledge - the national gallery uv perugia

2 thoughts on “ded aroma uv la vender

  1. ahhh, synchronicity… i too have been spending time in my lower back, releasing, rejuvenating, re-awakening… north america had better get off the couch and onto the yoga mat i do say… you are a wise wizzzard

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