dark night in a purple haze

writing between time

if felt very important.

meeting strangers, strange meetings that are meant to be. what the heck does this mean? a stranger in the dark dancing upon my consciousness, keeping me aware uv the glad tidings.

his hands held my belly, put two warm teddy bears on each side as blu and red flowers absorbed a harmony uv violet help bring dark demons, bad people, bad to light. 

his pale white skin aglow, hazel eyes beating a soft sad pulse, a pretty boy whose clarity, a sign uv optimism, and strength is beguiling. whose intense ability to see inside is frightening.

it is true, his voice is light and clear as a bell and his touch  has a magical swooshness that puts sum sad thing to sleep, allowing the bad thing to breathe and burn fire to make sum new soft sweet thing grow. who are u?  when our eyes meet a magnetic pull lifts sum stirring thing inside me.

god is lightning my way. 

electric pull uv the moon and genius god boticelli is bringing up the sea woman from the dark shell, oyster her soul is sleeping in.

i sat in front uv the painting until the gallery closed.

shallow water hallow water allow allow the other.

 i realize it is safe it is safe to wonder, open up and say, ” u are good, u are good, what are u giving me? ” 

is it love?

i crack open the bad nut,  offer it

sum purple haze, sum meantime pearl, sum small thing that is

la la la light.

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