around the ear globe

two angels, ( and one devil)

the story still fresh on my tongue:

i am in london,  peters cape town,

off to the globe,

dreamt uv going to this old theatre house

home uv shake speare. across the bridge and

shakespeare in luv, romeo and

leonardo dicaprio, and

the island uv capri,

and the luvley

dreams in between

the stage the stage, and the writing on this page.

let the wind blow me


to land on a new chapter.

it is the final performance. last night. closing.  i found out by chance, really almost missed it.  did not have a ticket.

walked all the way to the thames, wearing suede brown boots, high heeled uv course, london makes little girls want to be women uv the


night wearing leapord print coats,



put on ur leather gloves man.













i arrive to a sold out performance, “stand in line” says the ticket vender behind the window, “who knows it might b ur lucky day”…

ohhh shit, i think, this really is my last chance.  i do not even know which play is going tonight, but its the closing show.

waiting for a cancellation.  tick tock, arriving the hr, and yes.

a man comes with a ticket with my name on it. charlie in his chocolate factory could not be more pleased.

for 5 euros! i will be standing right in between the two ailed stages that stretch out,




to have Berowne and Rosaline,

pour words uv sensual, strong, maddened angry, sweet, songlike fiery passionate tempered trinkets uv luv poems to one another, and

all i can see is

u sweet Lyne, and u sweet Peter, ur faces, ur hearts, ur incredible strong bodied performances infront uv me.

tongue hanging from mouth     is this real?  i am in london at the globe and at the voice intensive in vancouver with lyne and peter, all at the same time.

later in the evening, in the bar with the actors, drinking beer, telling them this story, them telling me how they too would luv to do this voice intensive “so



they threw roses into the audience and i caught one. rose in hand, beer in belly, i walked home




to find a toy sword on the ground, picked it









up and lasered my way home. thru a tube, a long long electirc tube, light switched on in room, and i wrote began to write.









to u, here and now, in florence, firenze,  fiorenze,  fiore,  the city uv flowers.  is this not beautiful ? and the color uv their flag:



a rose a fall en rise



a violet sky the dark rainy night i climbed up the bell tower uv the duomo, on th first full moon, and sent my luv into the sky, literally standing above and below what felt like the sighhhhhhhhsss .  the size  uv


luv to u both,

heart warmers,

electric performers,

un embracio,



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