the original in

i am a th in

a rose window must be surrounded by the dark

s in

i read as i see  between the l in es.

light dims ;  

lips barely close and open,

this is how the breath gets in.

  tips are softly kissing

the light and the dark  –

cavern uv the mouth, 

the eyes open and barely close

like a nude babe crowned in white silk,

head tilted back, its small

eye’s staring at wrinkled hands and hair sprinkled arms

holding its round black hair filled head,

to have holy water, in a church,  poured on soft baby pink four-head skin,

to be baptized,

from original sin.

this original morning

 i read as i see between the l in es

this spectacle sin ocular within god deserving,

a god deserted

testament (testa and mente- head and mind in italian)

and now god serving – 

where,  i am asking about the origins,

where did this s in 

 come from?

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