singing to depress the air outa me

dear f.

 i know what u mean about depressing in winter.  sumtimes being de pressed is not the worst thing in the world.   i think we need to be depressed,

 pressed to push out , to give birth, in the spring to new life.   olives must be pressed to be turned, diventare, olive oil.  i can bedepressed when i miss my family, wishing they were here in their roots, reading with me, the spaces uv such deep beauty- and the ugliness in the dark, dustfilled corners;

 i go under rocks to see what is growing on the dark side uv the moon. 

winter for me, is spring cleaning, in the preparation:

catching a nose leaking, stormy, tempesta uv a cold,

allows us to slow down and do sum internal laundry;

blow out the excess mucus, the ” i dont need this”

to arrive at spring, light as a blu bird.

i started this blog, with a proposition to “let go uv the bags”,

the non essentials,

to get to the root uv things;

 roots are what dig down in the winter- to allow the spring to bring sum new beautiful

nature to grow- 

i also proposed to pack a few bags, and go, go, go

past go, and collect ur new prize.

 a depressed empty vacuum is totally a must physically speaking-

 for new air to flow in-

to be “depressed”

pressed up against a wall,

 can end up in a struggle:

suffocating hands strangling the throat choking the words – the worst kinda fight-

that creates hate-

or it can end up in an empty air-filled four head tipped forward,

lip-locking passionate tongue rolling kiss–

 so rest, pace urself, and contemplate the good words uv a favorite poet mr. bill bissett,

who says:

”  if i can be sumthing nothing is.”

to be empty, to be full, to be empty again- this is our breath – good nature;

the cycle uv death in the winter, to arrive

at sum new more natural thing-  so let the air out baby- depress urself!

happy winter nose dripping, depressing, spring cleaning,


ps.  i am singing to press the air outa me,

and it is fun!



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