december 15th


 prato, a town uv money, sinking in this economy;  laughing today so many big hot laughter tears streaming from our big round smiling faces, women moving moving forward

in between the story line the main plot-

u think u have to want more than u need…

until u have it all u wont be free…

little soul in my little woman body, is

 expanding like a hot tongue in a mouth

 after a cup uv warm tea.

i eat thinking I will expand with it, yet I know it is only time

 before the realizations uv these many dreams …

 December 15th and a friend from afar brings me so close to myself

Her name means to care,  this is just what I did for her. With a broken toe, left my apt, bags in hand to find a place where we can both stay together.  there was not enough room for her in my bed said the propertario so I said it was time to leave.

And out into the blizzering 12 below uv firenzes first snow

 just that day, the temperature


but her smile lifted me right off my broken foot, onto the connection muscles uv my pelvic, the beat v power, horse power, lift me up daddy power.

we find a big jolly power house uv a man with soft curls and eyes that twinkle. his hello has a nice ciao to it;


Hi .

Thank u

I Fell asleep  next to her holding

a  book written by a female buddhist monk.  he came and took it out uv my hands.

disconnections, oops wrong track wrong  smack on top uv my toe ouch I banged it really hard, and now…

I must wait for little baby to heal.  Little baby toe, fractured, and listend to.

Screams I am small look at me, I am small.

The things so small carry so much.

How do we not see and feel the crease uv

Warrior women’s shields carry torches in their hands

and children in their heart.

thanku my sweet friend, i am carrying my little girl safely

because ur next to me.


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