l’aria e piene- e noi e noi?

how well do we listen

to contain our laughter tears hold back

hold down

are u tongue tied? 

no just my leggs are crossed

jesus has been here.

legs crss.  toes tied.  on a cross, he died.

on a cross, the sun drops, for 3 days, then rises again.

this is the truth.  absolutely. plops into a hole to come out—

a crossing, crossing over, hands, knees and feet-

to what?

a house barely breathing

to bear, to b in ear, to be

or not to be,

this is the listening.

to b in ear in air

or not to be,  morte, sonno trattanuto,

siamo vicino uno accosta,

meile- culo scostumato,

golden honey-immoral ass hole

pulling a paper from — a lawyers mouth,

 like a bone from a dog 



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