laughing marbles in a mentle house circa 1922







pile up the bodies, thatll learn ya….

sweet the balkan reighter dissapears out to sea a black madonna keeps her head above water

while men are ringing glasses together

tormenting turbulent waters –  chears  cheers chears to the ringing uv the crowds keep on singing


sumthings in the alley at night and i dont have the courage to find out

what lurks behind the rows uv grassy hedges that bear shadows on the silent blank stares uv empty homes-

a mom makes u a feast ull never forget 

 the morning hasnt found its buisness suit yet

 dress it with my champagne and with glasses ill build a hall

where to clap  to scream to bury the dream well build  aisles in hospitals 

assholes rubbed clean with alchohol


 how the kids have no suits and the mothers sipping on their champagne

mamma and pappa- the city-  built an alchohl drain and the kind suitors to keep up the pain!

its the 20s~

come along here and bridge up the gaps with ur perfume keep in line uv the times and ull soon understand

where the laughter came up from the ditches uv 7up and bubbles that just had to be popped

sweet roaring 20s give me ur hands and knees

ill tie em up lay em on a horse track and see u quicker and quicker

when the ripple uv audience gets the shivers

to watch u wiggle ur way out uv ropes u asked when u could not feel the hay

under ur butts

light it up swell never feel the pea under the matress uv goldet princess until

u feel the blond pearl ur cunt is holding

its a disaster at the train station

ulovers have toold u too loose sum weight

 but this can only help aslong as u hate

gather up the bridges, were bombing them tonight 

its the 40s and were doubling up

 on the lights uv the town, the women are singing, and so are the clowns

keep laughing and buying ur sweet cigarettes

 america will light u a candle ull never forget 

it will enter

ur sweet sweet american pie until u can no longer deny

how long its taken us to remember

homemade apple pie always tastes better.

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