luv lights on a cold frozen road

why did u leave?

 u placed me here on a christmas shelf –

  want to  know what i am getting out uv u 

 what i need to get from for myself  –

 to go ice fishing as im thinking, singing as im sinking

  saying fuck a whole lot –  in the cold, it feels kinda… spiritual

so whats new with u? 

singing singing sins from within

 placing  burnt luv letters on the end uv  six pointed stars

sparkle ontop uv an ever green forever seen albre bear li breathing tree

surrounded by white comfy naked snow where all falls alseep below

 i am taken taken taken to a barn where lives a mule, a horse, a virgin, and a hore

 and where a little little baby king is born

 sumthings gotta sing some sun’s sin

sumthings gotta  bring

it all back to me.


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