mama madness

Words can hardly speak the things i bury down so deep that only when the ground splits open because sum life luving life, restrained subdued controlled eventually angry life luving life, budges open-

slams down, breaks free sum screaming please push me thru push me thru the door thing- let me in, let me out, let me in, ahhhhhh  screams find me don’t lose me stop burying me,  alive i am, not died,  here ahhhhhhhhh….

his screams pounding my fist into the wall, fuck, that hurt broke my baby toe running into a chair.  fall laughing so hard- wiggle my belly little vibrations jiggle out sum screaming laughing hysterical thing,

 mad maaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  mama .


mouth open, 

i am alive and breathing.

a mouth opens


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