egg crack IN GO l den locks

a memory-sitting in the blu ocean current like a star fish, spread out to feel the tips be sensually nourished by the sea weeds, slipping under its arms and legs, not noticing if its late for work-

sitting here rocking on my porch and front chair , i see a n animal who knows it shouldnt be standing there, i

its gone to far from its home in the forest and its suddenly found its way to smell 3 bowls uv porridge

wondering which one is just right?

golden locks is the color uv my height, so it mistakes me for being its luv

and like a princess comes to kiss me with its tongue,

this animal doesnt know that its late for work.

how much do i have to pay u, to stay here and not leave my side?

how much money do i have to make so u wont leave me hanging dry?

how much money might i throw at u before u throw a punch at my left side

and stay with me tonight before the tide is high?

ill take u for a swim, well dive within

ill teach u how to swim well dive within.

the currency is leavin and the stormy weathers breathin

i guess i had more confidence when i was busy dreamin

but now that uve gone away, i can barely even say hey,

to the coast guard, scanning the horizon for some snow,

fr the coast gaurd isnt much uv an eskimo.

nor a canadiano.

i can barely hear u.  u a r just a fist full uv dust,

diapers shut off,

an egg cracked and a howling owl comes out

eyes that can see

from the back uv the head.

they look at me, no judgement like a bird, who has wings.

i see u on the inside and ur burning to be free.

but i cant get the courage to follow this breeze,

i cant get the courage to leave my own mediocracy…

maybe if i left the city,

it would be different

id have birds and owls come to visit me,

no strangers with black gloves,

no wimpy ideas,

just long black hazy nights full uv stars.

just long purple hazy nights full uv stars.


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