livorno- caught between seas

what do u want dirty sailor,

are u tongue tied?

having a hard tongue trying to get the words thru my mouth,

theirs a drunken said the siren,

lets get em!

soft sweet sorries spill from her chest, shot full uv whisky wormed lemon scraps, scoop her up,

under her legs, hair sweeping the wood chips, scraps left from the festa la notta prima,

perche hai lasciata me solo?  perche hai lasciata me senza coperta?

but u, he replies, u were up , where i could not reach u, ur hair blowing in the wind,

i had to take off my hat, wash my head clean, leave it up to u.. to come back down,

and u were so beautiful, the sun falling down, to whisper into ur ear,

bouna notte donna simplice

dear u, dancing back and forth, just a rope’s pull between u and the dark black sea below, and the wind crashing

against our boats side, and the men, jiggling their bellies, beer thrown back, believed they were seeing an angel,

how could i get to u?  u were so far gone,  and closer to my heart then ever i felt that night,

we were all laughing, and then he pulled out his gun, and u were a bird, a target to aim at, to bring down,

to leave the others laughing, until they wept tears, and squeezed ur heart, to clean their beer spilled floors,

“save me”, she whispers, he gave me another chance, “please, u must kiss me.  the gold that swirls between ur eyes, and mine,

will revive us, will give us back to the sunshine”.

he closes his eyes and scoops up his heart, his arms around her sweet embrace.


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