a pope in the kitchen

will the dark chocolate help me forget

the smell uv ur breathe the night the pope shook hands with

the eggs in the nest- took the bread and broke natures bed-

the cats wont come back, they abandoned what couldnt rest

and the boys in long hall ways learning arithmetic and

money making

disinfectant hands holding bellss that find it funny to

sing fa li la li la

will u ever give up ur robes

ur ironed red crimson show-

popes wish they were sea men-

flowing in long boats so they could boast

about the catch, the air that was kissed by angelic magic

women up there down here women singing singing everywhere

this is their nightmare

a prison full uv women, little girls, holding flowers, tulips, of all

colors, yellow, red, pink and blu

singing singing popes we forgive u we forgive u

a prison set in an ocean where all circulates, swims,

sirens sing to the tied up


ground uv here are my boys, here are my bodys and

now well go back.  and god broke the bread to say

b         read         b    read      b      read        bed red

a d add  ea            t

add add t add t  add tttttttttt

sounds in the kitchen sounds

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