our secrets— on crete island, greece.

we are afraid to move forward in relation ships becausewe are scared we might unravel the mystery that keeps us apart

and wanting

the funny thing is— when one lives for their soul-

we dont even get to the rim uv what lies deep deep down within

no one can ever get so close 

that the mystery uv our being fades,

when we do, noi diventiamo dea, gods, dio, e poi ogni cosa e un esperienza divino,

perche siamo umano,

love believes it gets so close

and now we are just together in comfortable secure routine,

nooo rather i dont believe a second uv this,

because i am a mystery to myself,

and to think u could ever figure me out-

would make u my god-when

i am sure i am the only observer who can look and

see what it is i am looking for

i am my beloved and if u have courage u will come along

and sing my song as we go together searching to help u,

help one another find each other

ur purpose to love me is to help me find myself.

daily i remember my self when i write down my dreams. just a piece. just a piece uv my piacere.

e un piacere per usare mia rosalina di dare te mia amore.

mi da pisicamente bouna senitimento!

i dont breathe because i feel guilt for being beautiful.

this makes me believe i am ugly,  only because my body is raging

against me for holding my breath.

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