pumpkin pit


i want to talk to u — and whisper into ur name,–

how i long to hear ur voice, ur growling bearded laughter,

ur mustard seed eyes bouncing back and forth the worlds uv dragons

the twitching tickle at the side uv ur whiskered lips –

the kick in ur eyes staring at me like a soccer ball waiting to score the goal

into my net eyes staring looking like just the right opening

will split me open like pumpkin, a zucca, full uv long lined pulp

hands cleaning out the inside to feel the ropes — swinging back and forth

hanging on to trees to find the bananas well eat

nella matina with nutella and un cafe

cling clang uv the beginings and endings uv new novels,

books uv poetry, pottery, jewellery, a song we can call upon

the melody

and the mysteries


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