it wAS written

luv hides in the dark corners where

the creeping crawling spiders that weep

hiding and praying at the bedside near ur feet

try to take the piss out uv me its time to clean

the webs the webs the webs

u hide and pray and piss on treees

like a dog in heat howls at the moon

 english ministers clean up bugs with my broom

while u sprinkle water on his face

dont borrow any more books he says

begin to write steal back from the crooks

crooked eyes crooked ears i have lost years

 reflecting whats in the mirror

fall asleep near a tree

 now i am talking to u and me

strands uv willow stars falling from thee

star eyes u stare and am aware we are all

crawling hiding praying pissing and

crawling and praying and hiding and hissing

“there is a heaven” “on our knees”

praying preying like animals

at the bed side near our feet

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