nonnanonninonno no.

mammi, nanni, nulla, nonna

nonna nanni mammi nulla

nonna maria mamma nulla

no i said no, i said nonno

nonno nonna maria nulla

nothing, its nothing, i promise,

we get on the train, its a quarter past midnight

people are waving their flags,

nonni, nonna, maria, nulla

wondr how well get back, get thru the lines uv people,

will there be bread?

nonni nonno mario a detto,

avevo uno regazzo che sognavo di amore,

lui e battuto gli suo testa sopre una mure per

sentire qual cosa.

nonni nanni maria now

now adesso adosso mi,

mani, mani mammi mommy man i

i am running from a man who is trying to kill me.

mammy mommy,  i must save my mommy.

meet me at midnight upon the train.

there i will give u and ur friends a place to

stay safe tranquile dormire morire.

sta notte

sta bene.

sta bene sta bene

stability.  i am just looking for s us stability giova.,,

giove and alcmena, a dio and a donna mortale…

daddy donni daddy donni,

man oh woman man o woman

oh don t mind her, she is just a woman.

ba bang bang ba bang

sounds uv the guns, guns searching for…

my nonna is looking for love,

he hits his head on the wall,

just to feel something.

crack, crack, goes the fireworks,

crack slaps the belt.  u want to dance, says nonno, ill make u dance , with my belt,

and laughs as he throws back his wine, his salt, and his spit,

swallows a bird alive,

mommy mommy mommy,


happy mommy nulla mommy, swiftly following her foot steps,

looking for a powerful man, to tell me what to do.

little children luv to play.

i am on a train

and am now in the shower saying from the right side uv my body,

nonna maria, nonna maria, nonna maria, nonna maria, nonna maria,

e bellisima,

tutto  questi gente che sono bravi….

e cattivi,

ma i souno tutto.

io souno tutto.

per fare amore.  canto di la verita nell mia coure.

this is what a woman shows, how s like she is in the h. uv th e





bellowing  Maria!


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