gods secrets:

we walk in rhymn down lung arno

drops uv rain patpat pat nel morno

door mat

sit still

old man cain is able

walks a dog  to the horse races

while tyme makes a soup with life

inside the kitchen uv his aging wife.

dont calculate and do the math man

impossibile to subtract, add, divise.  it all goes away

i sit and record to remember the time slots i am slipping past

like shadows hear  brand new days alone on a soft warm pillow

with a man  tanto opening new windows

pulling up blinds   sunshine vibrate out uv every little crack in my bones

i hear the echoes uv a lungo river

to know  is to real row row row your boat

cooking, looking, smelling,

praying, observing, recording how nature works

all the way down the stream

higher learnt allow be human spent

beings  flowered to suddenly spring

UP.  blinds pulled up   side uv my head,

boungiorno invites me to dig my heels in deeper

fear uv falling,  dig deepr, and then

my roots are stronger

luscious southern luv,  everytime i take a higher step,

grows too. and   rub it off  slimy slug on orange peel slithers salted past me.

breathe because i climb. a need for a full breath.   i lost it now it is found again, win, i recover and i win.

who?what?   head  floats up over like a yellow red and blu birthday balloon celebrating

not caring if people saw me up or

just happy to sing to the rapidly dancing river

my voice runing and climbing, and floating,

sound like an angel

believing in powers

memorizing lines internally

cat stevens, elisa, jeffbuckley, antony, nicole, spirit guides,chara,

conciousness sees my entire body,

blesses it

tells me too relax, love, and dream


stay organized says god

keep still and rushing like holy river gange,  listens closely siddharta runs

swiftly on and on and on, an old man with an old dog

trudging along

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