pale entrance

parameters meters mates what matters!

englishfuckin teenage halls breakin waltdisneymagic mirrors

detention darkhand hollow his insides biten swollenlips kissn movie reels skip skool

slapwrists ruleeers run over by motherhood miners

diggin gold for marriage between

slutty moons and virgin marioners

so perfect so pure so sweet so giiiirrrrllll!

read comics to childrenbooks uv god created

strings uv pearls on sailers to purify syringe tears from

singers wine pissed voices carress carryon backpackers and

pale poor waiters sweepin peruvian sweaters piled in stalls at borders

whistling wonderwomen who fly by ancient kites while

writers curse cumers government xsweet meats

uomo in commerce cunningham dances

in middle uv a and d is a

daddy who wants to ski downside virgin hills around snowy moonside  trees

with his powder babies and liquid hot chocolate spicey cardomom tea

take it up to the men pulling nets pulling bets biting wind

forgive the ocean takes over everything

tailor me a coat with stars up to the throat

a  soon there will be a room with a shimmering ghost

upon a naked marble floor where sounds will fill

empty tomorows

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