lemon aid

drinking sweetly from ur straw lemon aid u send me to clean out the stale

stark stupified crayon broken cart uv toys i never need and drink that dont

make me feel so ok  i am going slowly and stealing the show and stalling at hello

when i see the man i luv.  his eyes are like urs, glow lemon in side brown earth

a tree gowns and i hang from it hair like lemon stars steeped in honey  tea

talking to me clean me from cigarette hanging from mens mouths

puffing at my face, awful air, i  imagine my man a dragon puffing fire

dreams that take me high as a lemon tree and hang me there

make me a cup uv tea biscuits a honey nest uv luvers and kept secrets

whispered in happy ears uv dragon boons and wheels and carts and little oat meal tunes

and mommy and money no one needs  but certainly feels hanging of f the lemon tree uv luv

sweet kindly asking to send me lemoon aid,  heal burnt smokers

sick and sad needing to breathe be held, moved lifted, touched sifted

lemon pulp cleansed from the cars, machines, factory dreams uv barbie bins

puff puff and ill send u air send u away on a rainbow

where  water under will bubble boil clean loil swift and startle and stare hole stumble

heal a hole a humble burnt  coke and crumble america for sale fumble

cell and sold steal a meal and morrow will never come if we dont heal and pray and peel

oranges and lemons meringue pie to be whole again, whole grain whole gains lemon aid from

united nations lemon aid to heal the world

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