i was on the burning bridge

where i met a man witch

with a burning round smile

u could see for miles and miles

he told me to get on

the only emergency exit was the back uv his horse

we fled that burning city

to the christians to fight neros remorse

and we galloped apace among firey steeds

and called upon pheobus

to send us a fleet

to get us to  the other side

uv the burning universe

and we sang songs all night

and rymed poems into coats

and spread our honey on the cars that were stinking uv too much smokke

and named all the animals with whatever they chose

were were running wtich man and i but freeing aall the stars from the sky

stars eyes stare eyes sweet pea meet my

mother in the mirror cackloling at my frozen fear uv the burning bush

this witch man pushed over to plant my roots

and now im galloping like a loot and a pirate with 5 eyes

i see everyone hugging and staring and swpeeping eachother off the smugy lies

and cleaning and cleaninsing and yellowing the dark and bringing the bodies up out from the closedts

the gays and the straights and the jordan river and the cakes and the indian police man

and the japanese horseman all join by the fire at night to fast rasta man jelly beans and silver screams uv colonial rules

and now they are making up for the lost tools

we beging to speak in holy fire u and i and our new empire uv luv

where the guilt uv nero burns up and is blown in the wind

how many miles well be blowing in the wind


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