dusty bones

eyes are willows falling down to close

half dressed naked in white to impress

old bones ive stored in my treasure box home

skinny dusty pan filled with old indian man

with a pen ive awaken him

half naked in white wilted round diapers

heavy on the bottom like a dirty pigeon

writing in his soiled bed

cleaning out the clothes hed fold

in my chamber uv lust like a dark religion

the pans filled in forest stolen aboriginal dirt

oh dirty bones in my chamber uv originaltrust

in kindness i speak and in sin i soil

i smooth out the crusts the crispy moths uv turmoil

batting on the wall in a dark hall

near a mill i beat the wheat the pulp in heat

feel my feet i let u go right out my head

let u go old dusty bones dont got this bone wont live

in my home

ol dote note tote nat king cole spat on a river bed

beer log  broken plastic wind hall help leal the him her

hear her listening to the glass inside the sand box

broken beer bottle wont feel her shes clearly  the light

shes clearly the light fallin down to close her eyes

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