a wonder how

small girl walks down broken steps

a house warmed by dreams uv a breaking sun

a bro a mo a pa 2 sistas

a stair a stone throw in a lago where no one dares to go

where are the fathers?  the lamp carriers and the mothers who put

children fast to sleep with a bed time stories uv mountain men and women warriors

who wonder  meet dragons  carry them acrooss te ocean

free themselves up from lies

from chicken coops from livers bloody hands and pig sties

tomorow we sleep under the apple tree with  red wheel barrow next

to a yellow pail filled with white s nows  roses red and white

we begin

to weep

to wipe to


where the red spills

from paint pails

no compare only comicly

aressing and caring keeping

our dreams alive and kicking

like a fish flapping

a dolphin dosy nose snipped now asks for a red

clown hose to keep it giggling goding from above

where warm water and salt cleans the gory fear and hate

uv hawful hating hard politician princess put in jail murdering her

people paris postulating porno pissed and poking put back where

pupils dilate and a river drowns in a flood uv non believer hate house

now hard helping the political strive to poison the queen in the bee hive

poison the mother bee and now no more story telling to u and me

no more dragons praying at her feet for her to mate with flowers in the night

she is stalled at the border uv spirit and spit

and stalls uv milk and fake breasts

put in a wheel barrow to borow money to be alive

a lie a lie alie down mommy rest ur head hear me whipser in ur ears ur sol lovely

ur so lovely like a lace ribbon u put in the braids in my hair

a prize horse a hows ur wife?  a hem he sleeps next to murders

who pin him to the floor. beat n his shoulders foot smash down on his snow

on his willow whello weep a whitout a pen prisoned in the prisom uv forensic children

who gave him the glu  to harden the hell between the shoe the shallow sinews

the star starved the snicker

the stalling the stalling at the police

the horse gallops like a god

the people laught and tie eachother to the tracks

to watch the quiver and the quicker comers  who place bets on widows

who will die first i eat melon and candy

while my uncle ages slowly on melanzane

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