tampon raper

from a pier, perfect offering i present to u hear offer u perfect persn, string uv pearls,  parameters meters, metric system queen elizabeth tied me with talk about belly ache.  and now im learning how to skate.  skid past lines uv time i tried to be a boy but i was a girl.  a chest grown early grade 4  9 years old and nw i m a girl  nipples show thru my tshirt so  i hide my face  e mara sed uv my trace the form i give is bigger than hi,m.  i hear me so i am  girl and between my legs i bleed a color  i hide it in cold water.  i hide it in d cold water.  am i still ur daughter am i still ur daughter.  or a frog that will put me in a tower.  am i reptile or speedy gonzalew maybe a cartoon rollin farther.  feet dmap i sweat and stare at street lamp. i wish i was a t a boys camp where tieng rope is taught to fire chant and killing spiders is in the forest map .  instead i must learn t roll my socks.  and i am dirty on the rocks.  i have cleaned the atmoshpere but i am beating my fist n the mirror.  i dont like what i see.  and yet sum bys like me, and suym boys dont they glare at my body.  they ghlare at my ghost  godly  eyes i pray keep them still i am still here.

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