song for the andes

i invite u to ask for what u need

did nt she teach to say please


lisa lisa lisa  is leavin   leavin                  for        london

ur so startled  startled like a cat who runnin out lives

its the last time  time  time

dont u run from me

black cat

u walk past me u put ur black magic with ur hiss and ur kissin and pussin the black night

kitty cat dont ur un me doint u run me kitty cat u got no where where to hide even cape twn

u make funny noises like u lookin for sumthing

u out late tonight

and what urs ur date

where ur dat e  lady is she waitn in the  dark shade

beneath the bushy train tracks

pantalone   thats wy  i m singing u black  black black bu   ut ull be back when the mornin come s around

shut sweet shut eye no one lookin  shut sweet eye like no ones lookin

u got it got ya i knew knew it would yaaaaaa       we going out in two   ya   which one are u

are the  right foot  or the left shoeee

are u right foot   or the left        zoo

where the animals      sleeeeeep  in cages

where the animals        are watched like they are cable

ohhh omommy i wont to see that one it got soft fur like my purse

its got soft    curly     hair           soft orange like my nails

ahahah aoohhh ooohhh  ohhhhh ooooohhhhhhhhhh

we go out out in in   in  2          its our second date and hes taking to the zoo

we can buy pop corn and chips and we can drink   hot chocolate3 form each others lips

but dont feed the animals say the sign cause the lion will

the lion what a lyin what a lyin behind those lyin behind  what a slyin behind    what s a lyin behind those occhiali closed  eyes

what s a lion behind ur         mind

u lyin on ur bed   ooops we woke him up oops   would like to put on some lipstick would u like to share   my bed

would like to study logic

or would ui like to go to rome instead      belgium has fine chocolate and blond women  ah ah ah belgium has dark chocolate and light white women

who carry their eys    like ghost uv the sea

they carry their magical white porcealian like the dolls made in china?  ?

and in the zoo the white tigetrs are barely breathin the weather doesnt fit their winter socks

in the zoo the lions dont feed them u just dont know what theyll doo

u r black black coffee ur black like king kingo ur black like my

u say ur honest   i say ur sleepin in side uv ur thoughts

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