luv u so much

what the irk have i been up to?  writing, living, leaving, luving, throwing out creating new space… yes writings on the wall to finally have a horizon that is colored by….. sounds sounds sounds, and that is how i am growing uppppp with MUSIC .    ok the words the writings the revealings, unravelling the swamps uv unneccesaries is bringing me to my  soul.

soul uv my feet.  ( i am now in the most beautiful town in the hills uv tuscany the highest hills, maresca!  where i am doing intensive training to teach the method uv feldenkrais to bring us back to the natural processes uv our nervous system:  controls our movement, sensations, perceptions etc)  fantastic human beings we are we can do everything and anything we are strong!

and beautiful!

and the soul uv my voice singing  lalalalala

it happens so quickly over night dreams that boil for ten years.  they say it takes ten years to be a overnight success. well listenings here we come with our music,  my luv and i creating parallels in this universe uv spoken dreams, words, songs, sounds uv souls who speak to me and want to be heard FREEZERDREAM.  listen

ssss ya wehh yes


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