humpty dumpty sat on a wall

does it freak u out to launch into new territory?

yes, it freaks me out, but also sends me on a launch, a rocket—

where i get to fly…

it feels this way when i ask from myself to move forward in my dreams

like im jumping off a cliff — what the heck is down below?

but its only a feeling, the truth is, the earth is always underneath our feet

supporting us if

our inner voice inner mind inner intelligence


PROMISES U to stay fully in support uv U.

today is one of those days i gotta keep in my purse

a creative glu gun,

to keep fluid me, TOGETEHER,

or to paste together a new collage of images for fun inspiration

not the shiny intoxicating blame gun

i like to fire at people around me i think should be helping me

when i am NOT helping myself.

lets not blame, lets keep going

on my wall are the oblique nudes uv matisse collaged with postcards from rome, london…


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