moon money

ive missed the beat, the best,

bills were falling

on our heads, we stuffed our pockets and puffed our hair

ran wild thru empty streets

to be naked again

not a nickel to spend

and only pockets full uv bank notes

written on moon lit walks


like silvercoins thru slot machines


electric red hearts

promising a brand new start

millions of dollars

we spiralled along the road

the moon beaming thru my inner coat

ur hands are like little bank bills

that wanna float

down past the junkyard where rotting cars

hold dreams uv american and italian stars

we wet our lips

notes falling on

our nude hips i hold u close

like a dog to hear sing

howling money howling money

ha ha ha on a full moon runnin

after u tonight

to hear u sing like a dog howlin


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