pin occhio pinned eyes.

stuck in cave with a man who can save my onl y desire

be one empire

warrior wo  m om m en


not catholic jingle or a huggie commercial

for the shit is real and im beging to feel

to sit under the sink

to find out where the stink is coming from

let the water drip on my skin find where pollution

is coming from and can i run from it

the tar and the toxins are slippin in

the tar and the toxins are slippin in

so i cant shut my mouth or run to the mall

or read the newpaper or shout at the father

porko dio isnt mio  i don eat happy meal

i dont sit a nor do i steal im beginin to feel

that in the cave on the fire cookin meat cookin

my desire

is begin to starv e not full in belly not full in birth right

eating leg uv chiken not eainluv or lickin

stars in the air that take good care uv where im from and headin

repent the pins and needles

start to talk to seaa gulls maybe catch me a fish

openit and tell i t tle t let me in little me

pinochio in belly uv a whale

will bring my father looking for me

find me find me giopetto drowns to find his son.


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