posh squirel

i look at her small and squalor hungry eyes like squirrel looking from side to side

for something hard,

she just wants to crack me open, take my nuts,

how i can i help her shes full uv poison apples rotten she doesnt throw out

she keeps em frozen, like  animal locked up in the winter

shes gona cry now ive hurt her but i dont know to knock her door open

shes sittin there moapin oh holy crow whats she keepin when she runs

runs so high i cant get her back down i cant get her back down

crack her open

crack her open shes cursin and cussing her hard black eyes are crooked

and i cant help her i cant help holy jesus i cant help her….

so im wimpin and shes killing someones light

im wimpin and shes killin someone tonight

so i leave her, runnin far far far away where the wonderful light uv day might crack

thru the blinds pulled tight over our eyes, stuck in a small dark space when a tree

hangs so peacefully hangs peacefully were stuck in a dark space we cant divide in three.

a triangle uv luv perfectly 3 dimensional prisom and im an imp and perverse and ten 1oooo diamond things

that are sharp and glimmer and are killed for just for a sliver so were squalor and were  crawling

for nuts along pavement where the animals have immigrated. a gold ring is faded a gold ring…hello?


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