as we all know

synchronicities; connections; soul mates?  family, friends, dreams, realizations!

books, pictures, food, expansion, contraction,breath, amazement, o sole mio!

words are power. thanku mario for bringing to me back a book i introduced him too way back when my amazing friend courtnay laine introduced me to… and the list goes on… the ripple effect uv reaching out to people… Eckart tolles ” The New Earth.  Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose”.

” Books are life sentances” used to say one uv the most profound professors i ever had at SFU . Dr. Carl Peters. Actually life has been spinning spirals upwards where connections have been bringing ideas, people, and paths together in new profound ways. So much of my thinking was changed, transformed, given voice to through my classes and work with this professor.

a way uv LOOKING i learned from Dr. Carl Peters, and through poets such as B.P. Nichol was:

look deep into words.

in the middle uv

p    owe     r





we owe

owe we

and ow.

then i like to find the meaning,

my own personal meaning.

we owe it to ourselves to look deep into what we say

because what we say



and make happen.

cool hey!

so power

without the p

has also


its ours.

the hours,

and the powers.

so what do we do with it?

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