italian politics

italian cazzo

woops am i mistaken, am i cruel?

is this language  a big tool?

to be spoken while the covers are over my head?

where i can see and feel u?

your out, its late, where is my  prince tonight?

im sorry the phone is off, where is the police ?

they are drinking and singing on the merrygo round

under the stars, on the right is a chief, whose eyes can meet the rivers rushing, hustling feet

and on the left is a praying weeping woman batting her eyelids at the gowns in the windows uv fashionable churches

where are u my italian prince on the right is a man sleeping with children

and a woman painting her nails

and on the left a man whose polished perfect dick is praying for god to forgive to forgive where his hands have been

oh the president and the pope where are u sleeping tonight?

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