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i am writing today in spirit uv my friend jen thiel, in vancouver, who is writing a blog which is now a website, that is simply blissful, beautiful and for sure an inspiration.

she wrote ;

“Day 13 – Create your day before you even step out of bed”

reading this, i feel the need to express how my morning went; sta matina i had a simple shift in the way i lifted myself out uv bed.  i thought about the quality i wanted to carry throughout the day before arising and also used the deep sleep i was in to bring in some conscious thoughts into my subconcious.  this is what i shared with her:

jen, this is the best advice. thanku.  i just woke up this morning and allowed myself to stay in that subconcious zone where sleep and non sleep, awakeness, are still intertwined and allowed myself to relax and consciously bring my body into the waking world with the same relaxed deepness that i was feeling as i was still dozing.  wanted to share that with u and keep supporting ur amazing vision! i am reading ur blog and being uplifted and inspired! xoxo!

as i am reading and supporting a wonderful friend, a woman with energy that reminds me uv the spirit within all uv us; she is one uv those special people who LET it shine through, and reach so many others.  Her light has reached me here in Tuscany,  (where i dreamt i was telling my brother about her blog!) where i am inspired to keep sharing stories, ideas, writing in ways that communicate how the mind, body, spirit, is supported and lifted high into the air where all is possible!  amen friends! thanks jen!


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