“tira mi su” pull me down

sitting in a living room

a room that is living with beating breathing bodies. VOICE SEMINAR METHOD FELDENKRAIS.

thanku feldenkrais.  today i was brought on a journey through my mouth, my respiration,

the undulations that occur with each breath a wave uv joy to be alive

and feel how the breath moves into the belly creating a big barrel, like the wine barrels in cantinas,

and feel how this air passes through the chest, with the help uv the tilt uv the hips, the sacrum squeezing

down like the hands uv a 3year old grabbing his spongey cake on a birthday, to bring my conciousness,

down, tira mi su,

squeeze down press out the juice that sits in ur precious sacrum

its our life down there, down here, that is being bottled, and lidded.

open the lid mam let the snow melt the frozen ice caps should be flowing thru our bodies, like chocolate

let the mountains get cold again, but our bodies, warm up, let the heart feel what it does when it presses

down a breath a breath  eyes a mouth opens lips talking to each other, my lips.

today i spent my saturday exploring how the movement uv the eyes, tongue, chest, hips connect to the movement uv the air

that becomes the voice.

the channel that leads from the mouth reaches down to the center uv the body,  where the perineum squeezes and releases.

our body is a bunch uv squeezing and releasing like a big fat spongey piece uv tiramisu!!!!!!!!!



tira mi su " pull me down"



bring the conciousness down pull urself into ur hips and allow the laws uv gravity to take place

what goes down must come up so explore the ability to breath right down from the second mouth.

yum yum yum!


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