this land u sage this language

one day god came down and took me by my hand

he told about this  land

men were sent into the ground to dig fr gold

and the woomen were toold to pray for the light uv day

and the land was sold but i was told it was my time to stay

one day i found god hanging around my bed frame

telling me my hand was lame telling me my life was slain

and if i repent maybe i could pay my rent

and have a life  be someones wife

so i asked to repent my sins

with a pen

and i drew up the land that was thin

around my belly i pitched a tent

and stayed all night till the morning went

and instead i found god had arisen

in the tent by the ifre (fire)

was  amna (a man) with a jb

and a tongue and a tire

telling me my work woould be done

when i learned hw to rise how to run

on the road win when i learned how to run wind

no more weepin no more prayin no more stealin or no more stayin

on the road ill wind the clock, ill find the women and learn to talk







star spiralling light


in my




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