re gal di rt

what i learned today:

theres nothing wrong with any uv us.  we are all piece uv the large infinite regal pumpkin pie.

that at midnight turns back  to EARTH but at the hour u CHOOSE

to GO TO THE BALL u turn into a PRINCESS.

mmm just a fable to brainwash little girls looking for prince CHARMING.

well i dont think so.  there is sum truth to the need to be kissed by something so special,

so great,

so beautiful,

that all the walls will come tumbling down, and the wind will then kiss u forever.

BUT THAT IS JUST IT,  there is the wind that wraps around the trees, and the waves the rip across the rocks,

the forever moving sunshine, and the moon spiralling rays uv sheer blond light into my eyes

on the darkest uv nights.

a knight, a princess in a castle, a dragon, a white horse- symbols uv……..

a wall that holds up something important or hides?

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