perfect pieces

we are all so simply similarly perfect

and so different

slick and sweet i slip up in a rush i trip

lick my tongue on rough cement

and the words come out full uv grains

when all i wanted to say was

i see u in all uv what u are i see in all the

worst details and the best

i see u simply perfect and luv each and every




lets go out for cenna and dancing in the piazza!

a night out at a sagra, a town celebration uv a particular local tradition, this one being uv cingiale, italian for wild boar, that are in abundance here in tuscany.  delicious to eat, frightening to encounter 0n a little jaunt thru the hills, a night out with beautiful people, shared eating and uv course , lisa’s favorite DANCING whenever wherever!

my philosphy on life:    DANCE W uvHENEVER AND WHEREVER u can , metaphorically and literally speaking, grab life by the hands, and in whatever circumstance u believe to be in, good or bad, at ur worst or at ur best, u can CHOOSE to APPRECIATE whatever space ur in and find the beauty and joy in simply luving to be ALIVE! our home base, completely nude and divest uv all else,  is this miraculous moving body, sooooo START GIVING UR BODY ENDLESS LUV, by letting it MOVE in DELIGHT and PLEASURE.   grab whoever girl boy man woman old young and ask them to dance with u in an empty piazza, bedroom, concert hall, library…. to the music in ur HEART!  this night, even in the absence uv a band/d.j.,  my DANCING SOUL got me asking a bunch uv people to dance with me to the silence and the chit chatter uv people seated outside, clanging uv beer bottles, the whistles uv people walking their dogs… i just wanted to MOVE  and BE MOVED!  so I DID!

LET YOURSELF realize that in each and every moment, LUV and LAUGHTER, are NATURAL EXPRESSIONS

uv the GOOD WILL inside, the PASSION to also let yourself be the ONE who STANDS out because ur STANDING UP

for ur DESIRE to LUV UR LIFE in all the SMALL PERFECT PIECES we FEEL, especially when were DANCING!


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