BE U TI its full with air: write urself a luv poem

beautiful being inside the envelope

lick it and seel it send it to the world unopened let it inflate until u are big and round like the earth written amongst the stars a letter that is sweeter than all the sins u see someone in the dark

… whisper

“write sumthing u luv and

shout it out loud!”

there is a ghost inside the pen a host uv  spirit black as ink…

oh kindred spirit inside me u make me feel kinky

climb on top uv me and look down thru my nostrils

i am breathing and running away

have courage please stay and say something beautiful!


let it out keep it in

ur too beautiful so i let u out

and write myself a luv poem:

my luv poem goes like this:

dear lisa luv

once upon a time there was a beating beauty uv a heart so big

it bumped into two transparent twins called

lungs that delivered up from contracting openess

a talking tongue and

stuttered out la la la la la la living beings

giving birth to god and all that was good

inside a plant

inside a flower

inside a woman

inside a man

there was



to fill the world with

all thanks to

the beauty uv a big beating heart bumping

in two lungs

i breathe into ur nostrils and

find the tongue to write

the time to write!

during the summer,  i met this magical balloon on a bridge. an elderly fellow gave it to me, and told me he was not a good person in his life, that he never really DID anything to help others nor himself.  he handed me this balloon, and i instantly felt this change for him, as it changed my day, and the house i brought it too;  where so intelligent cristiano created an air balloon with a red rose floating around.  its such a beautiful day this balloon and all who enjoyed it.  what happened for me was beautiful.  holding the BIG BALLOON, MY BODY had an immaculate feeling uv lifting.  big blu balloon in hand, i walked down the arno river to the bellisimi casa, and with my body feeling rather boyant, i began imagining my body being a body that could be full uv air and letting out a big singing voice.  all the air in this big balloon reminded me uv what my precious lungs are doing. inhaling, exhaling….

ever written urself a luv poem?

write whatever comes to mind.  let urself imagine whatever amazing beautiful things u would luv to hear, luv to be said,  about urself, being a woman, a man, a flower, both, and all the precious things u want to be lifted by in life! imagine sumone is singing a song written just for u!

what would it say? 


got the whole world





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