christ is rising – thank u finalmente!

boun natale e capodano! tanti auguri!  returning from a rich and spirited newyears in rome, i am so happy to share a blog about the amazing christmas dinners shared over the years.   firstly at the warm, musical, beautiful art and heart filled petrucci house a few christmas ago with our o so delicious fish dinner…dad says this is like the film “back to the future” in a funny way because the dinners at my house were extremely similar to what i am experiencing here in italy, just a deeper extension uv my beloved kitchen in vancouver.

i feel intensely grateful. more and more, i am grateful the luv o love given to me from the generosity ingrained in the heart uv my home. o my beautiful family, i am so grateful for the vitality, passion, love, generosity given to me; ur hearts,the soul uv my foundation. thanku!

the 24th uv december is also a holy day for my family, for it is the birthday uv my amazing brother mario.  he was put under the christmas tree when he was born and around this time uv the year i am calling him “the sun uv god” !


















from a table full uv fish  at the petrucci/birthday house to a table full uv incredible gorgeoous vegetarian food at the gulianis…

o mom ur a sweet cuddly teddy bear i just want to give u a big hug, and tell u how much i



luv u with all my heart… she is the chef in the house, with a talent for hearty traditional southern italian recipes, where my passion for italian                                                                                                cooking

was certainly born….

ahh! the treasured and cooked in a million different ways, baccala which is so so good despite its strange name and shape lol! (we always made fun uv this strange fish|)the meat has a distinct, slightly sharpness to it, and fried up in a pan, on a cold winter day can warm up the bellly.  the skinny part is fried, whereas the thick portions are boiled into a white salad with yellow lemons, green parsley.  so good! we have calamari in the left being prepared to go in the batter and be fried, and then to be soaked in lemons!   below is the napolitan pizza  di scarola (endives), garlic and pine nuts!  absolutely incredibly mouth-watering  and healthy because we make sure they are packed with these dark greens that are rich in vitamin A and K and high in fiber!  mmm!  then the list uv fish goes on, vegetables made in different glorious ways, sweet potatoes with raisons…mmm so much to celebrate!

this year i was blessed with an abundance uv amazing food …to celebrate  my christmas dinner was especially wonderful, shared with my sweet dear friend kathleen, her partner enrico, and all uv her family including 2 dogs and a cat!  her parents were the first to open up a vegetarian restaurant in florence, and so the cooking was innovative for a christmas dinner.  vegetarian lasagnia filled with ricotta and bietole, another intensely

rich dark green leaf, polenta with a fungi filled sauce, and a sauce made with cavollo nero, once again, another dark, rich green leaf grown here in tuscany.

lots uv colorful vegan dishes, melenzane, simply delicious with olive oil, garlic and parsley. it is shocking to hear  lorenzo, kathleen’s brother, at such a young age speak with such grace and confidence about art and food.   the two always intertwined in italian culture. an imperative in italian cooking is the quality uv the produce, etc.  a quality olive oil completely changes the taste, the overall dish.  yes… i am shaking my head in accordance wiping my mouth and simply saying, “mmm”  yes yes yes i agree! i had such a blast with kathleen and her family this year.  we laughed our heads off, especially with all the jokes filled with sexual puns , oh holy buns!  holy holy christmas, fill me with cracks where the wind and light will pour in, full belly-  i am throwing open the windows in my heart… to breathe in the new i knew it BLESSED AMAZING GOD FILLED 2011!  double digits means there is a soul in the room….


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