wetness is a witness- let our tears water the ground uv trees

i am witnessing a shift in my conciousness,  the resistance to it-  and how it is playing out in my relationships with people and life.   thank god for my ability to conceive the limited landscape of the mind and the infinite space that lays within my body, my conciousness.  at  moments i forget. i get taken away by mind made thoughts but thankgod, not for long.  growing in presence-   i am learning to merge with difficult situations, people, become friends with my enemy so to speak, for what i do not like in another is surely a reflection of something i am either ignoring or not integrating positively in myself.  this week was a trickster!  the ego become blatant to me in its  sneaky subtle ways; it attempts to turn love into hate; its clever desire to make a disaster out of spilled milk.  clever little ego, thinking it knows what is better or worse;  barking, defending, blaming, attacking, judging, impressing,showing off, making itself bigger or smaller than someone else!  its laughable but not powerful and so i no longer fear it!   a new space is opening up for me! thru learning how to contain the ego thru my presence,  i am learning to contain the space i am in- to own my space, to own my conciousness- this is what ownership means to me. 2 own ur oneness with the deepest truth, our essential beingness. to know it, to FEEL your inner body and bless it.   44444444444444444.there is a universe inside me, thank god i know it. yes there is a universe inside of you. thank life  vita vitale we know it. (the mind is able to conceive a teeny tiny fraction uv this mystery).

in this grace, in this light, we allow a deeper opening to happen, where the acceptance/yielding to what is propels and becomes the moving force that does the shifting /change to genuinely happen within the soul, within the heart.  thanku life for blessing us with sight.  i no longer see fault in the feelings, the sufferings, the longings, the conditions uv human experience.  they are in ALL  uv us.  i am learning to go BEYOND … to accept the GREAT GIFT UV SPIRIT. THE GIFT UV RECIEVING and i know this has to do with BREATHING. well i am going in deep deep inside to make space to recieve them. this transition to acceptance and surrender has forced me to feel emotions i did not know were there.  old baggage so to speak.  this old baggage is toxic and polluting.  i realize this and am ready to let it out uv my system.  i do not blame, or wish it different, i simply accept what i feel, and feel it entirely, cry , sob,  let it out and it is gone. good bye!

i am patiently letting go, working thru this passage, this process, and clearing the tunnel, from my head to my toes; sometimes i can actually feel infinite space and light. i am in empathy with nature, where being amongst trees even in a citypark, will shift my energy significantly, and therefore i am able to appreciate what has little need for cohesion, or finality.  in the woods, there is no begining and no end. what is dead tree, has already new life growing from it. i write poems to my being. to my body, to my soul.

the tree trunk , my neck, is holding a tree top, and is slowly moving if one looks,

at the leaves dancing from the wind, singing to me, asking to me, bathing me, i am blushing, i am shy

to take off my robes,

let the wind pierce thru the holes in my heart, swollen rose red and green-  my crown uv roses can only be felt

thru the pinches uv thorns –  it prickles, the feeling uv branches building up, growing into my

cranium, shuving out the thoughts, so there is room for flowers, wind and sunshine-

the sweet

sound uv silent horns -in the tree top uv my head-

i am recieving his gift uv

birds landing.


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