florence international theatre company: theatre class in ENGLISH!

(questo angelo è un genio. In questa foto lei ha descritto un nuovo sistema della linguae e della matematica che sta  lavorando. Racconta le lettere l’un l’altro nel suo sistema,utilizzando il modulo ed i suoni. lei è orgogliosa e felice di essere un inventore. this angel is a genius. in this photo she has described a new system of language and mathematics she is working on. she relates the letters to one another in her own system, using the form and the sounds.  she is proud and excited to be an inventor.)

perfect souls putting pieces together to make beautiful happenings for others.our self is rich and full inside/ takes a little patience and swallowing the pride/nothing comes from the mind; yet thoughts, feelings, dreamings and some other great mystery moving through me, when i simply just let it be. we are more than enough.   pay FULL attention to the space; to spirits filling form. i am here watching and letting YOU come through/. i have nothing to teach you.  i am simply guiding, bringing out rhythms, palpations of your heart beat through your head, shoulders, hands and feet, your mouth, eyes, nose and ears NOW WE START TALKING … by SINGING sounds. believe singing is easier than talking.  its softer to hum letters than speak them.  there is a natural will to hum an A or O or M ( i luv speaking italian for this very reason. the language is musical!)

WORDS consists of LETTERS.  so lets pay attention, even to what is inside a word. its fun.  lets explore, lets go down deep and pull up the jewels, treasures inside each and everyone of u is an us. inside truth is trust! ITS FUNZILLA! its funny how the universe is always conspiring for our evolution. working with children in theatre is assisting me to evolve into a brighter, stronger believer in the infinite possibilities in each and everyone of us. allowing children to work/learn in a creative space is like giving them the opportunity to be like gold; they become open and easier to bend, twist and make something brilliant out of our their own infinite value. each child is a basket of life, open and ready to explore, with the right keys.  my challenge is figure out which one works with who and how.

teaching children theatre/music/english is a perfect mixture. language comes from the body, so i let the kids get in touch with their bodies as instruments, using musical instruments. naturally, they have a curiosity to explore the sounds and with ease they took the instruments and marvelled, began to play! learning to speak should FEEL FULL of explorations; mind is everywhere, let our bodies talk, take their own time by learning about time.

TIME is tempo, is rhythm and is as natural as our hearts thumping. we know it. we simply need more time to listen to this thumping life-long beating heart in a continous dance. did i mention how funzilla this is!

grab a drum, pick a tempo, clap your hands, quickly, slowly, now faster, now slower, and move to the rhythm using your hands, now your feet, now half the group changes the rhythm while half the group keeps the same.

i marvelled and delighted in children marvelling and delighting in the following forms;

a guitar, a drum, strings,  hands, feet, head, mouth, eyes, ears…voice…language.

these kids fell in deep love with learning in this safe, gentle approach to language, and movement because they had room… to fall… to be given simple instructions, and to learn spontaneously. life is love and trust!  i learn in love and trust. my new adventure is to give this gift to others.

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