wonder how to wander?

one of my favorite things to do is to wander around cities, places, and let the world unfold, let my instincts take me or bring wanders, inspiration, beauty.  In Italy, I have to say it is not difficult; literally each turn of an eye and there is something to see.  but i am understanding more and more, this level of appreciation comes from the way of being that is allowed, given permission.  the feeling of letting go of control, need , expectations and letting the moment be what it is.  witness it, participate, and observe, experience, give myself time to PEACE OUT of schedules, and peace into the street, the path, parks, appreciating precious objects,( usually from land, made by hand) caffes, simply enjoy my surroundings and let things happen.  this is an art, this level of being. realizing there are games to be played, even as adults. only the playground has largely expanded.  the toys are everywhere and none of them are mine, not yours. they are OURS to be shared. to be created , to eventually be let go of. Ahhhh!  i know, thank god, at the end of my life, i will take nothing with me.  i only can imagine the feeling of spreading back into the pot of gold our essence comes from. haha! in the meantime, LIFE IS GOOD!

and long and short and whatever you want it to BE so dont take it so seriously, lose the grip of ownership, over things. YOU ARE NOT YOUR POSSESSIONS, even though i totally invite everyone to enjoy the realm of beautiful forms, i do not mistake my identity to be what i have.  everthing i am, need, have, is deep deep inside, safe as a precious jewels glimmering inside the dark caves of my body. i breathe and the air cleans, shines, and kisses it so  the light sparkles through my eyes.

ANOTHER BIG ONE:  lose ownership over people. my wife, my husband, my boyfriend, my mother, father, my child, enough.

people are not possessions and yes i refer to my love as that,  but the conotation is different. mine, only because i love it.  my love is yours.  i give it to you.yes. but you can never be mine. this would be the greatest value of slavery.  i invite one another to respect each other, love each other, have courage to confront each other in peace and enjoy the gifts of living from your heart.

The natural evolution of this way of being, calls for this very action:

Lose the grip, the strangling struggles that arise through jelousy and ownership.  love is alway a good thing.  between men, women, dogs, cats, flowers, trees, sun, moon, stars, sky and earth.get it! leave out your incredible  serious thoughts, and let in TRUST, enjoy yourself in a good, healthy environment where what is exchanged comes from a true, honest, incredible life loving place!  ya!  live and love!

sounds easy right!  well i admit, this attitude has taken me on the rockiest journey of my life; where gut instinct, some higher power knows, simply knows how the energy put into transforming your life spreads joy, thunder, electricty, light across the world and one day the rain will give your eyes crystals, the flowerings of the will to peace, surrender, trust.

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