roma coure


spent spinning bottles of deep purple violet

grapes skin peeled back

to let juice be turned from water to wine, a miracle of divine intervention,

the hands of love

teaching eachother how to be merry and joseph, the bearer of bad and good news

embracing the deep contradictions to find a peace of her own womb.

ROMA  spelled forwards is AMOR  and yes this city squishes the hands of the ticking clock to

become the tempo of a beating heart feeling  the vibrating energy of the arched foot leaving imprints

of presence of human body sculpted out of ancient stones. lines licked from sand spreading out in waves

of ecstasy brought over from ancient egyptian and greek dynasties to feel land sliding between our inner

garden of wealth and cradle the king inside a healthy head connected to the holes inside freshly made bread

rolled out kneeded and turned into gold to be brought up and risen with the temperature to cold the kill

of masculine pill where the mind shuts off the chord of  our gills, we were once fish….

i feel slippery and wet and want to get out of the water, time to spread my hands and feet…

now i am born again and ready to arch, i turn to rome, to let the water be transported,

and as i am asked to begin to fly, my wings spread into a florence sky, leonardo had to draw

someone has to open the books, steal back from the crooks the intelligence of the mind

loving its holy holy holy ancient bottom.            god bless the well is full again.

i love to find the caressing wind licking my eyes, face, nostrils, letting in the air and steam of winter’s edges.

the warmth given from places remain; hold together something physical and sound. real in the feeling of

what is really happening. i love being in love and italians make me feel just this special warm recipe of

body language physically expressing the tempos, rhythmns, sounds, of being… alive.  i love the warmth that flows between men,

the natural giving care and attention to each other’s physical presence, bodies ready and open to move, talk, laugh, touch.

i am learning to connect to my inner male energy that so deliciously waits on, feeds, gives,caresses my inner divinity

the female goddess sits in gown of white lilies, violet orchids, and  baby margheritas. gold, the color of her smile.

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