love in tender places: jobs, work, personal success and luv

so i have recieved some questions about getting a job in florence.  i will be honest, i only know how it happened recently for me and i will share.

about october 2010 i wrote a proposal to create a theatre class, with lots of detail about body education, and yes english.  i wrote it down, in english and italian, attempted a few schools, but did not recieve the support i was looking for.    this past month, i have had a deep spiritual opening, i am letting go of old egoic functions and opening into the infinite space of beingness, finding a deep power within myself that has nothing to do with what where how who.   the labels i liked to put on myself to make myself “look” better, more powerful, smarter etc. than someone else are  simply dissolving and freeing my true self to come forth.

i simply am letting go of mental-labeling. accepting that each and everyone of us is an energetic source of love and light, and despite our personal challenges OUR NAKED SELF IS MORE THAN ENOUGH… ITS INFINITE.

this feels very connected to how a job i imagined, and created, fell into my lap including the exact pay i imagined, and the schools being 5 mins from my home.  i was sitting in my favorite tree, in the fortezza, feeling really alive, my whole body in connection to the source of oxygen on this planet, and recieved a call from cara(dear) kathleen that her friend was looking for a teacher of theatre and english to work for the florence international theatre company.  ok.  that simple.  i believe the universe brought me my job when i allowed it to move through me. for the outside world to be in connection to the inside, i advise everyone to start doing inner spring cleaning . get in touch with what beliefs, fears, limitations, judgements, are being held inside the tiny rooms of our infinite villa called human body. hanging out with trees is such an easy way to connect with our inner body. to feel grounded and lifted all at the same time. trees have so much to teach us simply by being with them.


i came up with a little meditation on:


1. WRITE  DOWN what you would like to create!  be specific and concrete with lots of details.  use your imagination if you are not sure of the details.  IMAGINE all the elements that could possibily take place.  ex. i will introduce bodywork for children using mats, balls, string and chairs. (ok this might not even happen, but it is a specific detail of how i might get the children to become more focused.  i am being inventive, i am allowing my curiiosity and imagination to create new ways of completing the same task.)

2. FEEL YOU ALREADY HAVE IT!  it is just a matter of time, the right time, right place. ex. sitting in a tree, contemplating your incredible nature, and a phone call happens when you least expect it. in the meantime, YOU KNOW YOU HAVE IT, why? because you have FAITH that what your meant to do, your calling, will be there when YOU ARE READY . this must take the time it takes.  sooo patience everyone!

3. LET IT GO!  do not become attached to the outcome.  let it go. breathe.   let your breathe come in, and then back out.  people are walking around holding their breaths, because they are so worried another one may not come into replace it.   are you kidding?  there are millions and billions of breaths to be taken, so let out,  REALLY LET OUT , the breath your breathing in, so the next one is pure, and new, and virgin. this has to do with desires, people, possessions, you name it.  do not become attached.

4. LOVE.  GIVE AND YOU WILL RECIEVE.  i have been doing this from when i was wee little. my parents taught this to me when i was small to share everything including my snacks etc.! my parents are good examples because they have given so much  to family and friends, and have recieved profound blessings  deep deep down.  my dad is a special person. he has a spirit that flies, and a curiosity and love for life of a 6 yearold.  maybe this is why his hair at 57 is still pretty black, maybe a few grays here and there, but he is in great great shape! love u dad! yes soooo.  give give give, to everyone, ur light, laughter, positive support, and joy. give the good stuff you have, not ur cranky crabby i woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  if this is so, get back into bed, until u wake up on the right side of your bed… in the meantime dont go polluting the world and the people around u with a case of bad bed waking! (lol i can only say this cause i have had a dose of bad bed waking in my good time)

5.  TIME. learn to love time.  realize time is a game. so is age, so is money.  MONEY AND TIME ARE BOTH BEAUTIFUL AND BOUNTIFUL. FOREVER there will be money, FOVEVER there will be time.  and in saying this i am therefore cancelling time and money. money means nothing because i know if it is infinite, who needs to worry about it.  one day maybe the world will be buying everything with the gold inside their hearts…  but the value will stay the same.  that which we need to fullfill our common needs, food, shelter ,clothing, recreations etc.  will always be there to be made in the ways we want to! so START TO LOVE TIME AND THIS THING WE CALL “MONEY”, please lose the fear, because i believe money is a speck, a little rock, compared to the infinite value, the gems, the crystals in each and everyone of us…there is magic that happens when people learn to forget fear, envy, jealousy,and find the tru freedom “money” promises, simply by extending an empty hand that gives something real, honest, a gift fully from the heart.

here is an artist who marvels in the profound truth that the innocence of a child is so powerful, the locks can be jangled opened with a simple twist of faith, love, forgiveness

-lisa in life loving places

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