do what u love to do (sometimes what most frightens u)

i have started to take dance and singing lessons!

it is the most frightening terrain and also strangely enough, the most natural, exciting and pleasurable.

pleasure, joy, nature and FEAR what do these sensations have to do with each other?

i look to artists to learn how to FEEL so much life that has been blocked off by the fear of our own humanity.

there are infinite taboos around our bodies and how to be with one another in natural, pleasurable, honest ways.

would i let someone see me cry for example?  most often not, and yet crying is such a great way to relax and let go

of unwanted tensions so it seems natural and yet i do it only when i am sure there is no one around.

this year so many things have changed!   i am starting to cry, laugh, get angry, quiet, explore a range of sensations,

without attaching stories to them.  i am feeling without thinking. actually i am concious of feeling and this becomes

the container for me to fully feel and explore…. and at no matter what age

this makes my inner child want to do what it loves most…dance and sing!

here is a little prayer i have created for the scared inner artist ( that inner life-loving child in most of us!)

a simple sensitive human child:

oh our baby soul let her rise and fall, let her call the wind to breath us in all directions the joy of expression;

move forward the nausea of indigestion, transform the wars that have entered our skin and sting,

we call upon the bees to turn her into honey as her sweet love for life learns little by little what it

means to be knee deep in the joy of freedom: yes let the children dance and sing! yes let the children dance and shine!

heavenly lord is smiling. we thank her christ is rising the mother and the father are flying through the music igniting

the passion of cornea opening < letting in the dance and song between sun and moon, the rain and wind and our

blissfull belly full of wonderful meetings of fire, water, air,  heaven on earth. amen.

at what ever age u are, let ur inner child do what it loves to do most!  dont  listen too closely to to the fearful serious adult in u;  follow the instinctual curiousity of a child looking, learning, feeling, and ACTING UPON ITS DESIRES TO CELEBRATE LIFE. GOOGOO GA GA!

here is an oldie. an artist who would become the most prevocative, loved and hated for the ways she presented her body and voice to the world…but as a small child, i only remember loving the way she danced and made me feel like dancing!  i thought madonna was just a load of fun.  i was about 5 years old dancing infront of the t.v. dreaming what it would be like to singer/dancer changing the world simply by chopping up an old t-shirt and flashing my cool belly button…

( dancing live in concert to madonna in her 50s, more brilliant than ever, with

my fabulous, wonderful sister teresa was a little girl’s dream

come tru!)

– lisa in life-loving places

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2 thoughts on “do what u love to do (sometimes what most frightens u)

  1. heyheyhey!
    what a fun and beautiful blog! I love the energy u put out! thx Lisa for inspiring me ….your smile shines through your words and fabulous pictures…. and can really impact people at a subconcious level.
    (it takes generosity and courage to write your thoughts and feelings for others) so thx!

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