only in italy…

” per allegrare la vita, ho creato la margherita.” Pulcinella

” to make life more happy, i created the margherita.” Pulcinella

here is a tribute to italians or those of us who simply feel italian because as we know there is no such thing as “pure race”, there is a little italian in each of us, especially in the boot of italian peninsula where the influx of so many different ethnicities have passed through, mixed, and changed  the blood and culture- giving italian its richness in diversity. heres to round universal connected  infinite full moon  margherita pizzas floating in the sky of my mind…

one of the reasons i love men who love to feel italian//they love to make fresh delicious mouthwatering pizza and invite their best friends over to share it with…on a regular basis:

andrea and his cousin roberto are amazing pizza makers. they are from calabria, italy and andrea’s father is napolitan!  in these places , they really know how to cook from their hearts and know how to

put smiles on everyones faces.  they love making pizza and so the pizza turns out absolutely something to adore

before entering the golden door- our beautiful round mouths, more oval really like the shape of the calzones .

ya =! calzones are oval smiling mouths full of good happiness inside; mushrooms, fresh, local mozzarella, and a delicious red sauce made with onions , high quality olive oil, the bread alone makes me feel cuddled and loved. its just so much fun to watch and then eat! to see something made from zero to one round happy moon of a pizza.

i believe the love they put into what they are making is the main ingredient. in italy, cooking great food for friends is as natural as jumping in the shower. to follow, there is also , home made dolci… they really know how to whip up something good. yum!

in the picture above, andrea is giving his cousin coconut milk and tumeric from a local market that sells indian goods. right on andrea for introducing  some new fun ingredients to add to roberto’s kitchen!

today i just want to give thanks for the incredible creativity and love given to making one of my favorite italian foods: homemade pizza!

amen thankyou grazie.

-lisa in life-loving places


6 thoughts on “only in italy…

  1. Where do I find these fine Italian men who love to make me pizza with all of their good looking friends?!!! lol… i love this lisa!! You’re doing what you SHOULD BE DOING!! yeowWWWW!!!

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