florence international theatre company

teaching children theatre in english in italy i have to say can be pretty nuts but mostly chocolate so we are whipping up something like nutella! it is a blast! a total field of energy and brilliance. the first day the children were bonkers off the wall on the wall  EVERYWHERE! now the energy is turning into what is just fantastic! as i am giving my best to facilitate classes that are not only educative but are using the PRESENT MOMENT to arrive to a COMMON GOAL, they are giving back their enthusiasm, attention and active participation.  our common goal is to gain body awareness through games, stimulate language, and learn how language is embodied!

i believe there must be a common objective for the students- yet the individual arrives on her/his own terms.  this can be tricky but it is important for me to think about each child’s strengths, and weaknesses, and make sure their weaknesses only bring out my strengths.  if something does not work with one child, my job is to try something else.  to look closely and listen to the present moment and see what can be done to help. i enjoy this challenge. it makes me grow and become more flexible in my approach.  i am learning so much about human nature through observing the blatant, non-apologetic action/reactions of children.  this dynamic listening creates a place of learning…

i have created an opportunity for each child to teach a small segment of the class instructing their fellow students on whatever game they choose.  these children at six years old are learning about leadership and democracy.   one boy in a class of mine, who normally can not sit still for a second, has extreme difficulties listening, has now been given a leadership role, and suddenly has become a great listener.  how funny!  and the children really listen to him.  he made a game that involved everyone creating a dragon! with an entrance and exit, special objects to pick up on the way and specific time before the dragon would awake and get angry, the objective was to find our way out of the belly of the dragon! this game was really intense and creative and allowed us to explore the adventure and release of combatting a dragon!

so i feel good about catching on to the need to change roles, structures, forms, etc. keep my classroom dynamic, open, safe, strong, in the moment and ready to be the best theatre/english class in florence!

-lisa in life-loving places


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