move your spirit…to dance!

“And if it be my Alpha and Omega that everything heavy shall become light, every body a dancer, and every spirit a bird: and verily, that is my Alpha and Omega” Nietzsche -“Thus spoke Zarathustra”.

i have found the dance teacher of all dance teachers!  she embodies all what women speak under their breath:  infinite tongues of fire, earth and water flowing from the rushing well of anitiquity to the searching return of modernity in a body of blessings, anguish, godliness and divinity.

the expression that flows out of stefania can move young and old to ignite the will to give something from deep inside the belly and outward to touch the stars in the sky. ♦

she leads large groups to unite in our human ability to speak to our universe.  from formations of circles to lines, couples to groups, there is an even flow between the individual in personal expression, and the individual in a collective expression.  everyone leaves her class feeling freed in a small personal way;  small changes lead to big things ; we all know that only grandness happens in the everyday sweet occurences. ♦

from a child, stefania studied ballet and modern technique of martha graham in torino.she transferred to london and studied the  jazz dance rooted in afro-american dancers and her great love for jazz was born in her soul.  she then lived and teached jazz dance in india all while training in classical indian dance, meditation, and yoga. through this rich experience she developed what she now teaches; a gorgeous mixture of american jazz dance, indian classical, and what she says has no techniques but is life talking.♥

she says ” it is the art of dance as a source of psychological well-being… body movement as an expression and vehicle in a silent dialogue with ourselves”.

in this spirit, she went on to study with maria fux, the great argentinian dance therapy and is presently interested in recent studies in working with down children, autistic and parkinsons.

costanza, a regular of 17 years, says stefania’s classes, ” have changed my life. i have become softer. i have learned how to hear music“.

discussing in the changeroom, stefania responds, ” the body sings,  even if the mind does not want to go, when the body has an opportunity to speak, the movement passes, something changes. what we do in here, changes what happens out there”

… and she points her finger to outside world.  within this open environment, there is a strict structure  that each and everyone of her class is built on.  her classes are catalogued by c.d. where every piece of music has specific outline of what her students will do.  this she says liberates the body to move because the structure is already outlined clearly… and the music she uses is immaculate! from p.j. harvey to ravi shankar ” there is a deep  research into the music i use”.

Thankyou Stefania!~i am so thankful  for meeting this new teacher, space and class where small jewels are being cut and polished with the movement of the ocean inside of us beating upon the jagged egdges of our own personal shore lines.   i  am filled with jagged egdges, naturally like the shore of my mother’s mediterranean, the curves in my father’s molisan mountains, the pacific ocean and gorgeous grouse mountain of vancouver canada and the spirit inside my nature wants to move with the wind to smooth, shine, bring out my speaking sorrow and bliss of being a soul inside a human heart: a beating,  moving, thinking, feeling infinite rich party of possibility called human being. φ

Dance! Dance! Dance! Liberate your soul and learn to dance!                                                      –lisa in life-loving places


Note Blu is Stefania’s association and can be contacted on Facebook and myspace

Stefania’s classes are held at Centro danza e movimento Borgo degli Albizi, 16 located in the centre of Florence, Italy.


2 thoughts on “move your spirit…to dance!

  1. Lisa meraviglia,in poche ore hai compreso e svelato l’essenza più profonda di Stefania e hai dato voce all’indefinito che aleggia nei nostri cuori dopo ogni immersione nel magico mondo della musica e della danza.Grazie per averci fatto godere della tua sognante sensibilità!

  2. Ciao Olivia e Sandro! wow cosi bello a sentire anche le tue parole! piace che ci si immerge nel mondo della magia profonda nella musica e nella danza e come essenza stefania ti ci porta! le sua classe mi fa sentire davvero entusiasta, calmo e bello! grazie per leggerlo! e benvenuti al mio mondo di sogni qui! ci vediamo in classe!

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